Monday, August 17, 2009

Autumn is Around the Corner

Some ramblings this morning, although if I get lucky, there may be a tie-in to preserving food. We shall see. It's been a very busy summer and I've been on the road and on the water quite a bit. That means pre-scheduling blogs and not replying to my favorite blogs while I'm gone. It's funny that I miss that - checking in on friends is part of my routine and that gets disrupted when I'm out of cell phone range.

The Pacific Northwest Writers Conference in Seattle was great fun, but tiring. It's an intense extended weekend of sessions, meetings with agents and editors, too much food, and re-connecting with old friends. After that it was on to Canada aboard Huckleberry, our trawler and two weeks cruising the Gulf Islands. Princess Louisa Inlet was our final destination and it was incredibly beautiful. Erle Stanley Gardner, the creator of Perry Mason, once said that a person could not look at the waterfalls there and the scenery and doubt the existence of God. I believe him. Low clouds obscure the mountaintops that seem to rise all the way to heaven.

Home now and catching up on chores. Weeds grew fantastically in the garden and the first night back we had a frost. Some damage but nothing killed, thank goodness. Yesterday I began harvesting green and purple beans. Today I will freeze the purples and begin canning the greens. Aha! I did find a tie-in! Still many more to pick.

Crookneck squash and cucumbers also coming on and a few cilantro plants as well. Now off to check my friends' blogs and see what they've been up to.

Wednesday I'll give you my recipe for dilled green beans.


  1. Until February of this year, I’d lived in Seattle for nearly 25 years. It can be beautiful there, and even more so in British Columbia…or, the further north you go. But, I just don’t miss the weather. It wore me flat out. I love the everyday sunshine in New Mexico.

    In all my years in Seattle, I never got to the PNWC. I was inactive as a writer for a few years, and didn’t understand...still don’t really...the full power of conventions. So, never went. Sounds like you had a great time, however. Welcome back.

    Best Regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  2. Thanks Galen. It's networking and revitalization and learning some pointers from the pros - that's why I go. Wayne Ude does some incredible workshops.

  3. I also lived in the Pacific NW for 10 years before moving to NM. Never attended any of the writer conferences. Now I'm sorry. Your vacation sounds wonderful. Welcome home!

  4. Thanks Karen! Spent the afternoon canning green beans. Looks really pretty on the counter. Hate to put them away!

  5. Writers conferences -- I can't even imagine being a writer and not going to conferences. Welcome back, Karen!

  6. Welcome back, Karen! Writers conferences are so much fun - so much to learn but they can be quite a good way :D

    I know what you mean, I miss the routine of checking in on my favorite blogs too. I've been swamped at the office and some freelance projects and have been missing out on my blog times. Hopefully I have shuffled adequately to do it all now...for a while anyway.

    Nancy, from Realms of Thought…

  7. Sometime Huckleberry through Dyes Inlet!

  8. Sounds like fun! But, like you mentioned, it's so great to come back home again. Glad you made it back okay and I'm looking forward to your dilled green beans!

    Mystery Writing is Murder


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