Friday, March 13, 2009

Wintering Over Potatoes

If you grow your own potatoes, you know just how good home-grown can be. You have the choice of new potatoes, so tender and delicious that you can make a meal out of them or you have potatoes hardened off and ready to keep over the winter.

Finding the best place to store these potatoes can be a challenge. Not everyone has a root cellar, although they're fairly easy to set up and make a good project if you're at all handy. We use an old refrigerator. Seriously. Set the temperature at 40 degrees F. and load it up with potatoes. It's the perfect temperature for keeping them in superb condition for months.

Eventually they will eye up, but it won't happen until late spring and by them you've pretty much used them up. Give it a try. You'll be pleased!

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