Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time to Think Strawberries

Strawberries are cheerful, healthful, and fun to work with. Right now the season is just beginning and soon you'll come across some excellent buys. Farmers markets, the local grocery store, and the big warehouse food places will be bursting at the seams with strawberries. Don't let the season pass you by!

Freezing strawberries is a snap. Don't wash the berries first. Remove the caps and simply place the berries on cookie sheets with enough space between the berries so they don't touch. Pop the cookie sheet into the freezer until the berries are frozen solid. Then use a spatula to loosen them and put the frozen berries in gallon freezer bags and return them to the freezer. They'll keep for about a year, but of course you'll want to use them long before then.


  1. I would DEFINITELY wash the strawberries, for so many reasons. Perhaps you recommended not doing so because of the excess water, but they would be easy enough to dry off. It would make the strawberries permeat the pesticides so much more. If they're from you're own garden, fine. But if they're not organic, you better wash them!


  2. Berries degrade so quickly that they're best washed after they thaw and before you're going to use them. this doesn't apply if you're going to roll them in sugar.


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