Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Again

The last line from The Wizard of Oz keeps circulating in my tired brain - "There's no place like home." I've spent the last two and a half weeks helping a friend and it involved traveling to Tucson, where the monsoons have been disappointing and the temperatures have been hot. During this time I was blogless and Twitterless, and after the initial unsettled feelings about this, adjusted fairly well.

Social media is fun, but it can be addictive (as we all know) and it can become something of the Sword of Damocles, hanging over one's head. Duty and Obligation and a sense of letting people down, when you don't keep up the pace.

While in Tucson, we saw the film Julie and Julia. It was wonderful, and especially wonderful if you're a foodie. Julie blogs every day for a year, while she cooks her way through Julia's Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

I'll catch up this week and post more than you'd ever want to know about chili peppers, but for today, I'm going to hug my husband, pat the dog, do the laundry, and be grateful for all that I have because life is precious and brief and sometimes you need to go away for a few weeks to understand that. It's probably the reason for retreats.

It's good to be home. East or west, home is best.


  1. Welcome back, Karen. In my opinion, it's good to break the connection (so to speak) once in a while. Your fans are still right here, waiting for your words of wisdom. I love going to the fall Farmer's Market just for the aroma of roasting peppers, so look forward to your posts on this topic.

  2. Not sure about the words of wisdom part, but happy to write about my passion. Thanks Patricia. I'll be on your blog tomorrow.

  3. Welcome home, Karen. Sounds like a mixture of blessings and difficulties. I live in the land of roasted chile peppers (New Mexico), but unfortunately, I don't care for them. Ah well,

  4. Welcome back Karen, We've missed your blogs. I have family in Phoenix and been there in the summer. Its like living in a blast furnace.

  5. Thanks Stephen. I've heard "It's a dry heat" until I am ready to scream. So is an oven set at bake. Sleeping under a comforter last night has to rank as one of the best experiences of my ancient life.

  6. Welcome back Karen. Hope you're doing well and all is peaceful. Look forward to hearing more from you.


  7. Welcome back! I just came back from Europe and was frustrated with some wireless connections in hotels too. Then I remember how life was before the invention of computer and internet. Remember the typewriter?!

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