Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Freezing Corn

Frozen corn has more of that “fresh corn taste” than does canned, although canned has a delightful flavor and texture of its own – we’ll talk about this on Friday. If you grow your own corn you have the advantage of hauling it into the house as fresh as it can possibly be. Although you may consider doing the shucking portion outside, as it gets really messy and you’ll find strands of silk showing up in the strangest of places in the house if you do it inside.

The Whole Kernel
Wash the ears carefully to remove the silken stragglers. Blanching comes before cutting. Blanch for 4 minutes and then plunge the ears into cold water.
When the corn has cooled, use a sharp knife or corn slicer to cut the kernels from the ears. Don't scrape all the way to the cob. If you aim for about two thirds of the kernel, you'll get plenty.

Creamed Corn

For creamed corn, cut from the cob at about the one half mark on the kernel and then use a kitchen knife to scrape the milk and the rest of the kernel pieces from the cob.

The Whole Enchilada
For corn on the cob, blanching times are 7 minutes for small ears, 9 minutes for medium ears, and 11 minutes for large ears. Cool the corn quickly and thoroughly, and you'll help prevent it from having a "cobby" taste.
Then pack the corn in labeled and dated moisture/vapor-resistant freezer bags or containers and freeze.


  1. I shared Monday's information with Donna, who said, "Well, that explains a lot." So, we're now gonna be pickier (no pun intended) about where we buy and how long we wait to eat it. It’s an easy adjustment to make, just have to think about it. As for frozen, yes, we can do that too…following your advice. We use those air sucker freezer bags and they seem to work pretty well.

    Best Regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  2. When I get corn from the Farmer's Market and do the blanch, cut, and freeze, it tastes a hundred, maybe a million, times better than store-bought frozen corn. Trouble is, we use it up long before winter is over.

  3. Corn is absolutely my favorite! I have many fond memories as a child sitting out on the porch with my great aunt husking corn and shucking peas! Just made some fresh corn casserole last night, as a matter of fact!

    Nancy, from Realms of Thought…

  4. I used to love creamed corn when I was a kid. Wouldn't touch it now, but when I was five, Mmmmmm, good stuff. I do like fren corn. Its so easy to mix in just about anything I cook. Just pour it in, or steam it and eat corn fresh as a side dish.

    Stephen Tremp

  5. Corn is my most favorite vegetable in the world!

  6. Oh I love corn. Yum. I'm with you on the mess, though. The Harris Teeter grocery store here has shucking bins to shuck the corn at the store. But in the summer I go to the roadside farmers and shuck over the disposal. :)



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