Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On The Road

I'm on the road for the next little bit and enjoying what our great country has to offer. It's good to get off the interstate and drive through the samll towns and rural areas that keep America alive. The dream is still alive, to use a few words from a country song. People are friendly and helpful. Kids still have lemonade stands and, as I was taught a long time ago, always buy a glass of lemonade from them.

It's all about hope and the future. We tend to get caught up in the problems, and there certainly are many problems to grab our attention. Today, however, I got a wave from a highway patrol officer who was down on all fours, trying to help a trucker get his rig moving again.

I asked directions when the road signs weren't really clear, and got the best route through town from an older woman who was carrying a poodle in one arm and a bag of groceries in the other.

Americans help each other. It's something we may have lost sight of but it's still there. Next time you're traveling the interstate, take the exit for a small town and spend a little bit of time there, and a few dollars of your hard-earned money. America truly is alive and well, just a stone's throw from the interstate. Talk to you all more on Friday.

Happy Trails.


  1. I've traveled throughout the U.S. to nearly every state. One of my favorite stops was on a country road in northern Maine--I got stuck in a ditch during a summer rainstorm.

    A farmer and his son pulled my car out of the ditch with their tractor--and then invited me to have dinner with the entire family.

    Nice people...and his wife was a good cook, too.


  2. Great post, Karen. I love upbeat stories about the good-hearted people out there. There's sometimes so much negativity in the news that it's nice to focus on everyday Americans who are willing to extend helping hands!

  3. I love to hear good news - there aren't enough of these kinds of people helping people stories. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. Be safe.

    NA Sharpe

  4. I like to believe that it's not just in the small towns, but that 99.9% of people are good, caring citizens. It's a shame that so few people can seem to overshadow the good apples. Enjoy your trip, and wave to an officer for me.


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