Sunday, May 24, 2009

Most Useful Utensil?

Unpacking the camper after twelve days on the road, I'm amazed at how few utensils I really use or even need, for that matter. Of course you need forks, knives, and spoons for shoveling food into your mouth, but for cooking there are some standards I've found to be indispensable. Here's my list. I'd be happy to know how it compares with yours.

1. Wooden spoon
2. Stiff rubber spatula
3. Meat fork
4. Sharp knife
5. Spatula for flipping pancakes and turning hamburgers

Just as you can make green by combining yellow and blue, you can make the right tool for the task at hand by creatively using your basic utensils. Pining for your whisk? You can use a fork. Need an egg slicer? Use a small paring knife. And so forth. Getting back to nature can inspire you to look at your tools through fresh eyes.

Downsizing is the only way to go when you're at the mercy of restricted storage space. Plus, you get the virtuous feeling of having triumphed over adversity (of sorts).

Back home tomorrow and the thrice weekly blogs will continue. Check in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to find out what the Practical Preserver is up to.

And one final thought. As you fire up the barbecue for your Memorial Day picnic, stop for a moment to remember the reason for this holiday.

"All gave some. Some gave all." God bless America and God bless our veterans.


  1. Welcome home,Karen.I thought we'd lost you.

    Karen Walker

  2. You make a good point here -- That while all our utensils are fun, we don't really need them if we're creative with the basics! Glad to hear your trip went well.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful trip, great to see you back! I agree with your list of essential cooking utensils. Essentials will get you through.

    Love your closing line. Heartfelt thanks to all who served.

    Nancy, from Just a Thought…

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  5. Left out the all important church key! Totally agree - I find that as I go green, I simplify. Going green is not about buying green, it is about making do with what you got. Less is better.

    Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama

  6. Chopstick for me! Welcome back Karen. I miss your post.

    In Quest of Theta Magic


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